Monday, 19 May 2014


Thomas Griffiths was my great, great, great grandfather whose birth place and date remains unknown. We do know that he married Ann Maria UNDERWOOD on 11 December 1831 at St. Pancras Old Church in London, England.

The couple had three sons baptised in London and we assume that this is where they were born.

Edwin was born on 9 October 1832 and baptised at St. Pancras Old Church on 23 October 1832. At the time of his baptism his parents were shown as living at Chapel Street and that Thomas, his father, was a seaman.

Thomas Edward was born on 8 December 1835 and baptised at St. Pancras Old Church on 28 December 1835. The family were shown as living at Wellesley Street on his baptism record and that Thomas was still a Seaman.

John James was born on 7 May 1838 and baptised at St. Pancras Old Church on 18 October 1838. His burial was recorded as being held on 26 October 1838 at St. Giles in the Field Church, London. No cause of death is shown. h five months difference between birth and baptism could infer that he was born other than in London. His Baptism record shows that the family remained living at Wellesley Street.


No further records have been found of the family's life in London and the newxt recording of their life is when Thomas is appointed Master of the schooner "Bandicoot" in Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land on 4 December 1839.

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